Wrestling With The Tech

Someone posted a lovely tweet about bringing back the “dumb internet” – the internet of blogs and weird websites and all those things that existed when it was motivated by interest more than profit. I admit, I really appreciate that thinking – it’s overly idealistic, but I support the thought behind it to an almost foolish extent.

So I’m taking it as a cue to blog a bit more. Right now, if I have a thought in my head it tends to end up on twitter which is extremely ephemeral and has a couple other issues as well. But it’s almost frictionless in its actual use, especially on mobile. I open the app and with one tap, I’m writing. Everything else (including wordpress) has hangtime and clickthroughs and other steps to hope through before the thinking turns into writing.

So, I’m going to take a little time to consider my options, and see if there’s a way to make it more frictionless. Might mean I end up paying for something like micro.blog or even squarespace if it gives the the tools I’d actually use. Or maybe I manage to get a workflow that lets me dump straight from drafts into a static site generator. I dunno. how it will play out, but I’ll update here as I go.