Post Formats

I may need to tweak the theme to support headless posts for that true microblogging experience. Small challenge, but not a big deal.

Slightly more annoying: the iOS app lets me do everything except configure the size of images, so that is a bit more of an annoyance.

Anyway, that’s all pretty much inside baseball, and I mostly wanted to make two remarks about the iPad, now that I’ve been using it for a bit:

1. The pencil attaching via magnet is amazing and wonderful and the magnet is always about 20% less strong than i expect.

2. I love the physical shape of this, but it is flat and dull and I think I may need to explode with stickers upon it.

Quick Test

6EC335AA-C97C-4AC9-BD77-D27A31A190DEOk, so for sheer simplicity, I paid for a WordPress account and copied the blog contents over to it, in part because I genuinely am not sure how the current url resolves at all, since it’s pointing to a defunct address that is somehow ending up at my Lightsail install maybe?  I am genuinely not sure, because all indications are that it should not work.

Anyway, I directed the DNS to point to this address, and hopefully that will work with a little time.  If not, I may let WordPress manage the DNS, but I kind of don’t want to because they seem bad at it (they charge extra for very basic stuff like privacy protection, and if I decide I want to leave WordPress, I don’t want to have to fight them for the domain name).  So, the next part is a bit of waiting, which I stink at, but so it goes.

Irony Bites Me On The Ass

Months have passed, and I have cycled back to more or less exactly where I was with the last post. A few things have changed – I have new hardware to play with, and some pressure coming from the imminent demise of google plus – but that core question of where to write is still largely the same.  That this site exists is a good argument for itself, but there is a temptation to move this off AWS (I think it’s currently running on a light sail instance, which is 95% great, but the 5% irks) and maybe just pay for hosting at wordpress.  Realistically, I’m paying $5 a month for this as is (the lightsail price) and if that really bugs me, I should just move it to a t2 micro and call it a day, but that would still have some maintenance overhead.  Alternately, I just spend the same amount on a wordpress private account and maybe just write.

(Aside: I think the thing that throws me most is that I really want to be able to trivially add imaged to posts on iOS, and every solution is actually pretty awkward.)