List of Podcasts I Listen To

Last Update: 2018-03-27


Accidental Tech Podcast – John Siracusa, Marco Arment and Casey Liss talk about Apple, cars and other neat stuff. This tends to go long, but I enjoy the topics and I enjoy the people, so it’s a good 2-3 commute listen.

Reconcilable Differences – John Siracusa and Merlin Mann talk about being old nerds, a topic which is near and dear to my heart.  I enjoy both speakers, and this showcases them both at there best.  I admit, this is the podcast that let me cut the cord to Back to Work.

The Flophouse – It’s funny and weird and intensely self referential, and oh by the way it’s theoretically about movies.  I admit, I tend to let this one build up a backlog, then crush it on long roadtrips.

Under the Influence – A Canadian podcast about marketing and advertising.  Short, fun anecdotes, curious history.

Make Do – This one just started, but it seems promising.  Tiffany Arment and Julia Skott unapolgetically talk about making art.  Unapologetically is the bit that grabs me.  Charming and brief so far



Radical Candor – Podcast ran a season after the book of the same name (about productive honesty in the workplace and general management stuff) came out.  I don’t 100% agree with them, but it’s smart stuff. They suggested there will be another season, but time will tell.


When I get a Chance

99% Invisible – This is one of those podcasts everyone knows about, but it’s good all the same. Lots of random, interesting architecture related cool stuff.

The Letters Page – A podcast about the lore behind the amazing Sentinels of the Universe collection of games.  Deep nerdery, but super fun. If anything, the biggest hurdle to my listening is that there’s TOO much stuff.


Curious About

Peter Morville’s Podcast – He just dropped a book on planning, and apparently did a set of podcasts in the process of creating it. Have downloaded them, but not yet listened.


Looking For

A good agile podcast

A short gaming podcast



In the Past

Back to Work – I made it through 300 and something episodes of this, but after a point I realized I was still listening mostly because the early episodes had been *so* important to me (and I still recommend episodes 1-10 to almost anyone). Nowadays it’s two guys complaining, and that can be funny, but is not really my bag.