A Brief Experiment

Hopefully no one is out there to get this noise, but if you are, my apologies. Trying a new synchronization trick, and I don’t know if it will post to the stream or as a draft.

[sometime later]

Ok, pro-tip. You CAN send a post from Bear to WordPress on iOS, and that’s pretty slick. However, if you do so, it will post straight to the stream, for good or ill.

I’m experimenting with this because I’m debating using a microblog for my note booking purposes. Not a published one – just one I can reference to “flip back” through past thoughts. WordPress is almost certainly the wrong tool for the job – I’d be more likely to use a static site generator that can handle markdown files – and there are lots of ways to set that up, but they’re all 75-90% solutions with a little bit of extra work to make it go, and that’s the problem. If I want a notebook alternative, then it needs to be comparably reliable to just picking up paper.

I’ll figure it out. There absolutely are tools for this, I just don’t know them well enough yet.

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