Setting Up The Space

I have gotten annoyed by how much of my writing is explicitly tied to Google+ or Twitter, where it is guaranteed that everything gets lost quickly, and its state is really in the hands of people whose priorities are not mine.   The obvious answer seemed to be some manner of microblogging, and looking into what the options seemed to be:

  1. Pay too much for a account
  2. Set up a simple (like Jekyll or Hugo-driven) static site.
  3. Pare down WordPress.

I was leaning most strongly to #2 because the learning and technical challenge part of it is strongly appealing, but I realized that chasing the tech was more distracting than focusing.  Wordpress has the advantage that it is well tested and just works.  If I really want to be throwing the words somewhere, then the right answer was the one that minimized friction.  And since I’m already paying for a Lightsail instance, I could set this up at no extra cost.

So, this is the start of an experiment. We’ll see how it goes.

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