Irony Bites Me On The Ass

Months have passed, and I have cycled back to more or less exactly where I was with the last post. A few things have changed – I have new hardware to play with, and some pressure coming from the imminent demise of google plus – but that core question of where to write is still largely the same.  That this site exists is a good argument for itself, but there is a temptation to move this off AWS (I think it’s currently running on a light sail instance, which is 95% great, but the 5% irks) and maybe just pay for hosting at wordpress.  Realistically, I’m paying $5 a month for this as is (the lightsail price) and if that really bugs me, I should just move it to a t2 micro and call it a day, but that would still have some maintenance overhead.  Alternately, I just spend the same amount on a wordpress private account and maybe just write.

(Aside: I think the thing that throws me most is that I really want to be able to trivially add imaged to posts on iOS, and every solution is actually pretty awkward.)

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